Term: Formwork

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**Types of Formwork:**
– Traditional timber formwork using timber and plywood.
– Engineered Formwork System with prefabricated metal modules.
– Re-usable plastic formwork for simple concrete structures.
– Permanent Insulated Formwork using insulating concrete forms.
– Stay-In-Place structural formwork systems for columns and piers.

**Slab Formwork Techniques:**
– Pantheon dome as an early concrete slab construction example.
– Evolution of traditional formwork involving steel and plywood.
– Modular formwork systems with decks in housing projects.
– Various slab formwork methods for efficiency and reusability.

**History and Evolution of Formwork:**
– Roman concrete structures like arches, vaults, and domes.
– Influence of masonry and carpentry on concrete slab formwork.
– Development of Portland cement and reinforced concrete techniques.

**Different Types of Slab Formwork Systems:**
– Timber beam slab formwork with engineered wood beams.
– Traditional slab formwork with lumber supports and plywood.
– Metal beam slab formwork using aluminum or steel beams.
– Modular slab formwork with prefabricated modules for quick construction.

**Advanced Formwork Techniques and Materials:**
– Table or Flying Form Systems for multiple building stories.
– Climbing Formwork for vertical concrete structures.
– Flexible Formwork for sustainable design and material savings.
– Iron Sheet Formwork for creating curved structures.

Formwork (Wikipedia)

Formwork is molds into which concrete or similar materials are either precast or cast-in-place. In the context of concrete construction, the falsework supports the shuttering molds. In specialty applications formwork may be permanently incorporated into the final structure, adding insulation or helping reinforce the finished structure.

Animation depicting construction of multi-story building using aluminum handset formwork.
Modular steel frame formwork for a foundation. Rebar has been stubbed up out of the concrete slab to form the base of future columns
Timber formwork for a concrete column. Adjustable metal screw jacks both stabilize and plumb the form
Aluminum formwork system
Sketch of the side view of traditional timber formwork used to form a flight of stairs
Placing a wall form. A matching form will be placed on the opposite side to create the space to pour concrete into

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