Term: Segregation in concrete

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– Definition:
– Segregation in concrete is separation of aggregates from cement mortar in isolated locations.
– It results in variation in proportions of laid concrete from those designed.
– Segregation can be caused by factors like improper proportioning, inadequate mixing, excessive vibration, or adverse weather.
– Increased cement paste in upper areas due to segregation can lead to increased shrinkage and crack formation.
– Aggregate segregation can result in honeycombing, decreased density, and loss of strength in concrete.

– See also:
– Segregation in concrete is related to properties of concrete.

– Notes:
– Mortar in concrete acts as a binder between coarse aggregate particles.
– Compaction is the process to achieve maximum density in concrete after placement, often done using mechanical vibrators.

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– Further reading:
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– The article about segregation in concrete is categorized under civil engineering topics.
– Resources for expanding knowledge on segregation in concrete construction.

Segregation in concrete is a case of particle segregation in concrete applications, in which particulate solids tend to segregate by virtue of differences in the size, density, shape and other properties of particles of which they are composed. when the workability of concrete is high under pouring conditions, or the amount of mortar is larger than the void volume of coarse aggregate, or the particle size of aggregate is not ideal, excessive vibration can cause segregation bleeding or lighter weight

Segregation in concrete

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