Term: Retarder (chemistry)

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– **Accelerant**
– Used to speed up chemical reactions
– Commonly found in industries like construction and manufacturing
– Examples include catalysts and enzymes
– Can increase reaction rates by lowering activation energy
– Important in various fields such as medicine and food production

– **Chemical Admixtures**
– Added to improve concrete properties
– Types include accelerators, retarders, water reducers, and air-entraining agents
– Enhance workability and durability of concrete
– Help in reducing water content without affecting strength
– Widely used in construction for better performance of concrete structures

– **www.cement.org**
– Website providing information on cement and concrete
– Offers resources for professionals in the construction industry
– Contains articles, guides, and research on cement applications
– Aims to educate users on best practices for using cement products
– Useful for students, researchers, and industry practitioners

– **Retarder (chemistry)**
– Slows down chemical reactions
– Used in various applications like food preservation and pharmaceuticals
– Can prevent premature setting in concrete
– Delays the onset of chemical reactions
– Important in controlling the setting time of materials

– **Articles & Categories**
– Chemical reactions are a key focus in the articles
– Additional references may be required for some articles
– Various categories exist related to chemical reactions
– Stubs indicate articles needing expansion
– Hidden categories may contain articles needing more information

A retarder is a chemical agent that slows down a chemical reaction. For example, retarders are used to slow the chemical reaction hardening of plastic materials such as wallboard, concrete, and adhesives.

Sugar water acts as a retarder for the curing of concrete. It can be used to retard the chemical hardening of the surface, so that the top layer can be washed off to expose the underlying aggregate.

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