Term: Nanoconcrete

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Role of Nano Particles:
– Ultra-fine particles in Portland-cement paste improve concrete’s properties
– Reduces void space between cement and aggregate
– Enhances strength, durability, shrinkage, and bonding to steel bars

Mixer must apply 30–600 watts/kg of mix for nanoconcrete
– Mixing should yield at least 5000 joules/kg of mix
Superplasticizer added for better mixing
– Intense mixing in HEM process deepens hydration process
– Nanoconcrete hardens in low temperatures due to C-S-H gel properties

– Tiwari and Chowdhury discuss nanotechnology in construction materials
– Saravanan and Sivaraja study nano-concrete properties
– Raki et al. explore cement and concrete nanoscience
– Fridman patents methods for producing nanoconcrete
– Olson et al. analyze impedance spectroscopy of cement paste

– Liquid activated mixture can be used for small architectural details
– Aerated HEM Nanoconcrete can be made as lightweight concrete
– Nanoconcrete hardens in low and subzero temperatures
– Gel volume reduction decreases capillarity in materials
– Energy expended upon the mix transforms ordinary concrete to nanoconcrete

– Nanoconcrete improves material properties and performance
– Incorporating ultra-fine particles enhances strength and durability
– Reduction of void space between cement and aggregate
– Improved bonding to steel reinforcing bars
– Shrinkage is reduced in nanoconcrete compared to conventional concrete

Nanoconcrete (Wikipedia)

Nanoconcrete (also spelled nano concrete or nano-concrete) is a form of concrete that contains Portland cement particles that are no greater than 100 μm and particles of silica no greater than 500 μm, which fill voids that would otherwise occur in normal concrete, thereby substantially increasing the material's strength. It is also a product of high-energy mixing (HEM) of conventional cement, sand and water which is a bottom-up approach of nano technology.

Decorative plate made of Nano concrete with High-Energy Mixing (HEM)
Two-layered pavers, pigmented top layer made of HEM nanoconcrete

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