Term: Calcium nitrate

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– **Production and Reactivity:**
– Norgessalpeter synthesized in Notodden, Norway in 1905 by the Birkeland–Eyde process.
– Most of the world’s calcium nitrate is made in Porsgrunn.
– Produced by treating limestone with nitric acid and neutralization with ammonia.
– Used to control certain plant diseases like bitter pit and cork spot in apple trees.
– Also sold as Cal-Urea.

– **Waste Water Treatment:**
– Calcium nitrate used in waste water pre-conditioning for odor emission prevention.
– Establishes an anoxic biology in the waste water system.
– Inhibits hydrogen sulfide formation by stopping sulfate metabolism.
– Consumes organic matter to prevent anaerobic conditions and odor emissions.
– Applicable for surplus sludge treatment.

– **Concrete:**
– Used in set accelerating concrete admixtures.
– Calcium ion accelerates formation of calcium hydroxide for setting.
– Nitrate ion leads to iron hydroxide formation reducing concrete corrosion.
– Used in cold weather concreting agents and some plasticizers.
– Enhances precipitation and setting of concrete.

– **Latex Coagulant:**
– Common coagulant in latex production, especially in dipping processes.
– Part of the dipping bath solution.
– Breaks up latex stabilization leading to coagulation.
– Used in forming thin film on formers for latex coagulation.
– Facilitates coagulation of latex on formers.

– **Cold Packs:**
– Dissolution of calcium nitrate tetrahydrate is highly endothermic (cooling).
– Used in regenerable cold packs for its cooling properties.
– Provides cooling effect upon dissolution.
– Utilized for cold therapy applications.
– Offers a cooling sensation when dissolved.

Calcium nitrate (Wikipedia)

Calcium nitrate are inorganic compounds with the formula Ca(NO3)2(H2O)x. The anhydrous compound, which is rarely encountered, absorbs moisture from the air to give the tetrahydrate. Both anhydrous and hydrated forms are colourless salts. Hydrated calcium nitrate, also called Norgessalpeter (Norwegian salpeter), is mainly used as a component in fertilizers, but it has other applications. Nitrocalcite is the name for a mineral which is a hydrated calcium nitrate that forms as an efflorescence where manure contacts concrete or limestone in a dry environment as in stables or caverns. A variety of related salts are known including calcium ammonium nitrate decahydrate and calcium potassium nitrate decahydrate.

Calcium nitrate
picture of constituent ions
Other names
Kalksalpeter, Norgessalpeter, nitrocalcite, Norwegian salpeter, lime nitrate
3D model (JSmol)
ECHA InfoCard 100.030.289 Edit this at Wikidata
EC Number
  • 233-332-1
RTECS number
  • EW2985000
UN number 1454
  • InChI=1S/Ca.2NO3/c;2*2-1(3)4/q+2;2*-1 checkY
  • InChI=1/Ca.2NO3/c;2*2-1(3)4/q+2;2*-1
  • [Ca+2].[O-][N+]([O-])=O.[O-][N+]([O-])=O
Molar mass 164.088 g/mol (anhydrous)
236.15 g/mol (tetrahydrate)
Appearance colorless solid
Density 2.504 g/cm3 (anhydrous)
1.896 g/cm3 (tetrahydrate)
Melting point 561 °C (1,042 °F; 834 K) (anhydrous)
42.7 °C (109 °F; 316 K) (tetrahydrate)
Boiling point decomposes (anhydrous)
132 °C (270 °F; 405 K) (tetrahydrate)
1212 g/L (20 °C)
2710 g/L (40 °C)
1050 g/L (0 °C)
1290 g/L (20 °C)
3630 g/L (100 °C)
Solubility soluble in ammonia
almost insoluble in nitric acid
Solubility in ethanol 51.4 g/100 g (20 °C)
62.9 g/100 g (40 °C)
Solubility in methanol 134 g/100 g (10 °C)
144 g/100 g (40 °C)
158 g/100 g (60 °C)
Solubility in acetone 33.08 g/100g (anhydrous, 25 °C)
Acidity (pKa) 6.0
-45.9·10−6 cm3/mol
cubic (anhydrous)
monoclinic (tetrahydrate)
GHS labelling:
GHS03: OxidizingGHS05: CorrosiveGHS07: Exclamation mark
H272, H302, H315, H319
P210, P220, P221, P264, P270, P280, P301+P312, P302+P352, P305+P351+P338, P310, P321, P330, P332+P313, P337+P313, P362, P370+P378, P501
NFPA 704 (fire diamond)
Flash point Non-flammable
Lethal dose or concentration (LD, LC):
302 mg/kg (rat, oral)
Safety data sheet (SDS) ICSC 1037
Related compounds
Other anions
Calcium sulfate
Calcium chloride
Other cations
Magnesium nitrate
Strontium nitrate
Barium nitrate
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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